Our step-by-step guide will show you what the necessary actions for you to have that smile you’ve been dreaming of are, and you just need to follow these five simple phases to reach that goal. Having healthy and beautiful teeth is not a luxury anymore, and you should think of this process as an investment in yourself and your qualities. Once your teeth are fixed, you will become a whole new person, an upgraded version of your former self!

Step 1: Inquiry

The first thing you should do is send us an X-ray of your oral cavity so we can assess the problem and determine the right course of action. Of course, your X-ray should not be outdated, and the quality of the shot needs to be on the highest possible level. You can send it to our mail, and there you can also explain the problems you are having and the most prominent symptoms of your condition.

Step 2: Dental Treatment Plan

After we receive your mail, our team will start the process of investigating your case. Once we recognize the problem, we will recommend a treatment plan, and you will be informed about the necessary activities.

Step 3: Dental Appointment Booking

In agreement with your plans and obligations, we will schedule a treatment in our clinic. The procedures usually take a couple of days, which is why we recommend our patients to arrive on Sunday and then spend the entire week in Budapest.

Step 4: Travel Arrangement

Scheduling a flight to Budapest can be done in a flash, and our representative will await you at the airport once you land in Hungary.

Step 5: Arrival To Budapest & Consultation

After you land, you will be escorted to your hotel or any other accommodation of your choice, and once you take some time to rest – your dental treatment can begin.